Amsterdam: what to see, When to visit

24 December, 2013


Amsterdam is the capital and the most densely populated city in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. His status as the Dutch capital due to the Constitution of the Netherlands, but the Government still is in the Hague. The city is located in the province of North Holland in the West of the country. As a commercial capital and one of the financial centres in Europe, Amsterdam is also considered to be the cultural capital of the country. Many large companies from around the world, such as Phillips and ING are based in.

Амстердамская фондовая биржа, находящаяся в центральном районе города, является старейшей биржей в мире. Основные достопримечательности Амстердама, включающие Государственный музей (Rijksmuseum), Van Gogh Museum, Stedelek Museum, Hermitage on Amstel, Anne Frank House, The Amsterdam Museum, together with the red light district and many coffee shops(which don't actually serve coffee, and hemp) attract more than 3,660,000 foreign tourists annually.

What to see in Amsterdam

As mentioned above, there are many interesting museums in the city, but water channels can also be of great interest., which in 17 Century were designed to protect, providing the population with water resources and as a transport network, but now they have become a landmark, which is a kind of highlight of Amsterdam.



There are many festivals in Amsterdam every year, that attract artists, музыкантов и поэтов со всего мира. Да и пройдясь по городу в обычный тихий денёк, можно натолкнуться на музыканта, который филигранно исполняя душевную мелодию, gathers a large crowd of listeners.

Many could already guess, that a city with such a history and culture has many theaters and concert halls. The most famous such place is the Music Hall "Heineken", which was specially created for a variety of mass concerts and events. На его сцене выступали множество звёзд мировой эстрады.

Погодные условия в Амстердаме

Амстердам имеет океанический климат с преобладанием западных ветров, поэтому зимы довольно холодны, and summer is warm without excessive heat. If you are a lover of the warm season, then the way to Amsterdam from October to March is closed to you, and August is the best month to visit.

Город обслуживает Амстердамский аэропорт Схипхол, главнейший аэропорт страны, который является четвёртым крупнейшим портом для воздушных судов в Европе. После посадки, it will be enough for you to take the train, which will take you to the central station of the city!




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