Nine secret places in Europe, Part 2

19 Декабрь, 2013


Seborg, Italy.

3. Seborg, Italy

Here's the Vatican. There's San Marino. But did you know, that another country is thriving within the country of Italy? In the 1960s, a certain Giorgio Carbone, head of a local flower-growing cooperative, expressed the idea, that Seborg, located far from the center of the country and near the French border, should regain long-forgotten historical independence as Principality. People thought, and decided to, that the idea is good and soon Carbone became Prince Giorgio I, Prince Seborga. Despite the king's death in 2009 Year, the state continues to exist.

4. Nsk, Slovenia

Can the state, which doesn't exist and has no borders to have embassies around the world? Apparently, Yes. That's the case., which refers to NSK, what Slowenische Neue Kunst means (Slovenian New Art). "People" is a community of artists and performers from the Slovenian capital Ljubljana, and its most famous residents is the rock band Leibach. To attend the Leibach concert, you will need a visa to visit the "state", so there are a few thousand fans of the NSK population.



5. Кугельмугель / Kugelmugel, Austria

Кугельмугель / Kugelmugel, Austria.

In 1984 artist Edwin Lipburger / Lipburger built a spherical house in an Austrian village, and gave him the name Kugelmugel / Kugelmugel (Literally, «ball on the hill ‘). But, Lipburger's work was not to the liking of the local authorities. To save Kugelmugel, he declared him an independent republic and made himself its president. Lipburger's disobedience at the time, which became a pretty high-profile scandal, he was put in jail., but, After all, The authorities moved the ball to Prater Park in Vienna. Currently, he is there to attract tourists.


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