Family beach tips for a fun and carefree holiday

4 April, 2021

Family beach holidays aren't just sand, sun and sea. But it's also sunburn, unexpected rainy weather and terrible sea waves. Here are six great tips for family beach holidays, that will make your holiday as fun and painless as possible.

  • Beware of big waves. Many lovers of overseas holidays, ignore this item. But when you became a family man, it's worth worrying about the smallest travelers. Before choosing a place for a beach holiday, Take into account the size of sea and ocean waves. Strong tide or big waves can be quite intimidating, No matter your age. There are places abroad, entry into the water which is limited due to dangerous waves on many beaches. preferable to choose a holiday on the Black Sea. After all, there are a very large number of family resorts. In addition, there are the best family hotels and resorts for the whole family.
  • Choose the beach. Pebble beach may not be the best option for families, who want to focus on swimming and playing in the sand. Pebble beaches, similar to those, which are often found in the Mediterranean, can be lovely, but to protect sensitive feet will require shoes. It's the same with boulders or rocky beaches, where more attention is often paid to the study of tidal pools, than games with water. In addition, there are sandy beaches, which are great for swimming, sports and sand games. For example, In Anapa, mostly sandy beaches.
  • Beach toys. If you want to sunbathe in the warm sun, It is worth preparing in advance and buying beach toys for children. Children can spend hours playing and sculpting sand castles.
  • Apply sunscreen before and after a visit to the beach. Before you walk out the door, Don't forget to smear your children with sunscreen. Be sure to apply again during the day, especially after swimming in the pool or sea.
  • Drink plenty of water. Maintaining water balance is especially important, when you visit a warm climate and participate in such events, like swimming, Surfing or beach volleyball. Stock up on bottled water.
  • Have fun away from the beach. Plan fun as a good, so and in bad weather. A little pre-planning will allow you to enjoy your holiday, even if you have a few days of cold during your stay, Windy, rainy or stormy weather!

Where to go to relax with the whole family?

  • Children are hard to endure long trips. The younger the child, the more difficult it is for him to endure the journey. Pediatricians do not recommend babies up to three years to take abroad. That's why they choose to stay on the Black Coast.
  • Russian resorts will not require you to have additional time and financial costs.
  • Russian resorts offer a budget holiday with high quality of service.

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