Rent cottage. Choose cottage for the weekend

8 Август, 2015


арендовать коттедж в лесу

So, you have decided to spend the weekend outside the city. Regardless of, what structure you go on vacation, rent cottage-a wise choice for a comfortable stay. This arrangement involves the many advantages is the lack of foreign, and the comforts of home away from home, and the ability to have fun, not fearing to disturb neighbors.

However, finding a suitable option may become difficult, Indeed, among the many truly competitive bids are hidden and unscrupulous landlords. To rid yourself of the hassle with the search for the perfect cottage and avoid pitfalls, related lease, prefer Recreation Center with an established reputation-such, as Farmstead Terema.

Here are just a few reasons in favor of renting a cottage in verified site:

  • The opportunity to read reviews of those, who has already rested in selected Recreation Center
  • Transparency of calculations and no risk of losing money
  • Quality service and protection on the territory of recreation
  • Additional services and entertainment



It features the Homestead Terema camped 6 individual cottages of varying capacity. From the secluded Forest Home, situated at the border of coniferous forest and calculated on double room, up to spacious houses Boyar.

All cottages on the estate built exclusively of chopped logs, that since ancient times, is famous for its healing properties for the body and is considered the most environmentally friendly building material. In such houses are surprisingly easy to breathe-chopped logs purifies the air until nearly sterile State and fills it with gentle wood aroma. In conjunction with the native-Russian flavor, inherent in every detail in the Teremah, Holiday cottages such creates an incredible sensation of warmth and comfort.

Bright color and subtly recreated the atmosphere of unhurried pace of village life is not all. All cottages are equipped with Teremah in accordance with the highest demands for comfort-there are also plasma televisions with karaoke, and functional showers, and State-of-the-art kitchen.

In addition, guests of the Homestead available fun and entertainment for all tastes-fishing, rent of boats and catamarans, ATV rental, horseback riding, bath and sauna, playing in towns and Nordic walking. Also in the territory of a natural lake situated in Terems, along which stretches pure sandy beach. If you are looking for a high quality cottage at a reasonable price, give their preference for the Manor-a vivid recreation of Tower you provided!




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