Questions such as immigration control officers, can any confound, Part 3

3 Февраль, 2016


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(In) Suvarnabhoomi airport in Bangkok, Thailand. The immigration officer: The man behind the 40 or somewhere around 50 with a grumpy look, in 3:30 am local time. I am: 24-summer tourist from mainland India is equipped with rather limited information (address of hostel and folded map).

Officer: «Where are your friends?»

I am: «I travel alone, Sir.»

Employee: «Indian and Pakistani boys are not alone puteshestvovujut, What is the purpose of your visit?» (Could be, He just playing with me, I'm not sleeping, and he noticed it on my face.)

I am: «Sir, I plan to travel the country and visit popular tourist spots. The monsoon rains ended, so I want to enjoy green surroundings on the bike and do some photos».
Officer: «Are you married?»



I am: «No, Sir!» (I respond with dilated eyes, I have been wondering, What exactly is wrong.)

Officer: «Are you here for sex and wants to lose virginity, isn't it?»

I am: «I apologize, Sir, But why do you think it is?»

Officer (a bit neglectful): «Listen to young people, I know, that your parents when married, thinking girl, so you're here, to make your sexual fantasies. But you're going to come here every year or so after their needs and we will earn more and more! Also you popytaeshsja take a little gold on the way back!»

After hearing all this, I have completely disappeared any enthusiasm, and I am just speechless, cursing everything and the idea of coming here. A couple minutes later, He starts uhmyljatsja, looking at my dismal person and almost laughing says, «I just joked boy, did not want to offend you. I wish you have fun, but be careful. Don't get in trouble».

I left with a stone face.

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