Whether destined to come true dreams Australian migrating?

26 Январь, 2016


You Aussie? NEA. The new changes of the visa law will take effect in April.

Looks like, dreams of many Australians, willing to relocate to live in Britain will soon become impossible. In April, they will have to face new visa rules.

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Under the new visa rules changes, which should come into force in April, Australians with low earnings, working in the UK, will not be able to remain there for an indefinite period of time.

Non-European workers will now be eligible for settlement in the UK for more than, than six years, will need to earn at least £ 35,000 ($ 72,000) per year.

Change in visa laws will affect only those, who is not a resident of the European economic area.



The reason for the change is the desire of the Government to reduce the number from Cameron to non-Europeans and their dependants, but the main objective is to reduce the annual growth of the emigrants from 60000 before 20000 person per year. Imposing such restrictions in the UK for the first time declared at the Government level, even in 2012 Year.

As reported by the BBC, According to official data, in 1997 year entered the country less 10000 migrant workers and members of their families, but to 2010 year the figure rose to 84000.

Such a threshold payroll, that the British Government sets to qualify for settlement in the UK, introduced for the first time.

In accordance with the Immigration statistics for October – December 2014 year, the bulk of migrants, granted work visas in the United Kingdom, sostavljaljajut Aussies, along with Indians and Americans.

Extension For Australians with low earnings United Kingdom will introduce new visa rules >>

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