The reform program G.Uitmena, "Buy Australian" in foreign capital

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In 1972, After twenty years of interruption to power returned laborers. Government of Whitman was to carry out a broad program of reforms, critical areas which were: "new federalism" (strengthening the role of the Centre in carrying out social programmes), "Buy Australian" in foreign capital, restricting the activities of foreign capital, the devaluation of the dollar, State support for national capital, strengthening social programs, including the introduction of universal health insurance.

These measures have caused a spike in inflation and an outflow of foreign capital from the country. At the same time, the accelerated development of the national industry. In the fight against inflation, the Government has reduced the 1973 import tariffs, that hit on national entrepreneurs. At the same time was established State control over prices. In 1973 because of the environmental hazards of uranium mining was suspended, resumed in 1977.   Also   was abolished conscription.

The national statist labor rate was supported by voters in elections 1974, but the Senate has blocked a small majority government legislative activities, including budget Act. Whitman proposed political reforms, that would make it easier to overcome the constitutional crisis and derail British influence on political life in Australia.

In a worsening internal political Governor j. Caire violated political tradition and in October 1975 sent majority government resigned. Despite the campaign to protest the exclusion of Uitlema, in elections in December 1975 defeated liberal agrarian Coalition. The Government of m. Frazier retained labour's main innovations, lifting only the most expensive social measures.

After the change of Government, Uitlema. (social insurance schemes, State support of urban construction, Education, poor, Aboriginal) and stabilization of the socio-economic situation in the late 70's the creation of the welfare state in Australia ended, federal government increased control over compliance with social and educational standards.

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