After the attack on tourists so brag about kid, How can I get acquainted with local dogs, Ч2

8 Май, 2019


While officials assess urgently the possibility of reducing the Queensland population of dingoes on Fraser Island after a series of attacks by predators in this year, brave instagrammery continue to converge with the wild dogs of the island.

Photos, published in social networks since the attacks on the kid last Thursday, show, Instagram users continue to approach the Dingo.

However,, continue Instagramm posts, Despite warnings from Rangers and local residents, tourists were kept at a safe distance.

Aboriginal elders from the area said, that the current system does not work, and tens of thousands of tourists, who frequent the island wilderness, must be held accountable for their actions.



"We would like to remind people, that our traditional homeland – unspoiled wilderness, where there are dangerous animals, that could harm your family», – Aboriginal Corporation said in a statement Buchully in "the courier-mail".

"The time has come, people to become more responsible for the actions of – Vongaris (dingo) should not incite agresii».

Photos of locals criticized for tourists, that they are too close to the local dogs. Photo Source: Instagram

In Queensland, attracting the attention of dingoes is a criminal offence and is punishable. People, who feed or attract the attention of dingoes in the recreation areas, can be fined or prosecuted.

Judging on Instagram, tourists on Fraser Island, it seems, unaware of the danger, posed by local dogs, and enjoyed the opportunity to get closer to the animals.

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