Equipment of rooms in hotels and apartments

21 Январь, 2020

Modern design and availability of quality furniture make apartments desirable for young families and all people with modest income. More and more Russian citizens are seeking long-term lease sa.

The main difference between a room in an apartment hotel and its counterpart in a regular hotel is the availability of a kitchen. In all apartments it is mandatory. Other than that,, they should have a standalone bathroom, bathroom or shower room, and the total area and isolation of the premises should allow to organize a full-fledged living, that wouldn't be any different from that, what's possible in a regular apartment. By their very nature, the apartments are quite close to furnished rooms, that never took root in Russia, and legally it's residential real estate, which is in the house, non-residential fund.

Features of apartments in Russia

This is quite possible and arises for two main reasons.

  1. The developer was unable to register the house as a residential property due to the fact that, that it doesn't meet federal requirements, к примеру, due to lack of schools, hospitals and developed infrastructure in close proximity to the site.
  2. Originally planned to create an ordinary apartment building, but not for real estate sales, And to rent it out as an apartment. In this case, we are talking about an apartment hotel, which should have its own class category and meet accepted standards.

Residential premises of such a hotel differ from the usual not only the presence of a kitchen. . Среди них:

  • full-fledged entertainment center;
  • safe and security systems;
  • climate system;
  • sports simulators.

A more wide and functional set of furniture, that's picked up like this, to create a home environment. In rooms of higher categories furniture can be a full-fledged collection, which is designed with all the requirements for modern design in mind. And the premises in such institutions are planned so, that they can safely pop-up a representative of a big business or a pop celebrity. Of course, the cost of such a life cannot be cheap.

Choosing a room in an apartment hotel…

Same, who's not used to wasting money, it's a good fit for regular numbers., the benefit of the bad in the apartment just can't be. And in them you can organize your life so, to completely free yourself from everyday life or to make accommodation the most economical. Much here depends on the rules of the institution, so don't be shy about asking clarifying questions when you book your room. It is reasonable to ask about the availability of a restaurant and cafe, paid or free parking, accepted traditions in the organization of household services, shops and bank branches, in close proximity. Parents should also clarify, how things are with the accommodation of couples with children.

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