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5 Декабрь, 2013


Силуэт Мельбурна на горизонте

The best city to travel to Australia 2013 recognized by Melbourne and Daylesford

The new town was named the best in the country by readers of Australian magazine for travelers.

Learn, What cities in Australia were still on the list.

Melbourne the best city in Australia.

Melbourne took the Crown from Sydney in Australia for travellers magazine Australian Traveller magazine, carried out a survey among its readers in 2013 Year. Melbourne proved to be the best city in the country, as well as the best winter vacation spot and most romantic city.

More 1100 travelers to Australia were interviewed to determine the annual awards, announced today.



While Sydney lost its status «best city» 2012, He won in the categories of «best bar», Thanks to its "Opera Bar and «best restaurant» -Kwai / Quay.

«In view of the, that Melbourne has always been our culinary capital, This is a big shift», said editor of Australian travellers» Georg Rickard.

Another big winner was the city of Kimberly in the remote Western Australia. He was voted the best city limit-dreams, the best place for adventure and recreation, and the best place for a cruise.

Best city award also received Daylesford in Victoria, A what, According to Ricarda, It was especially surprising, given the tradition of travelers, Usually, voting for coastal destinations.



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