Cooper River-Creek

18 Апрель, 2010


Река  Купер-Крик (Cooper Creek)Cooper Creek- (Cooper Creek) - Intermittent stream which flows through the territory of the state Квинсленд and South Australia. The length of the Cooper Creek is about 1420 km, source of the river is located on the eastern slope of the ridge Warren in Queensland,in the Great Dividing Range. river then flows in a northwesterly direction, flowing through the city Blekoll. reached the confluence with the river Alice, Cooper Creek is taking a course in the south-west,flowing through the city Aysisford. Together with its main tributary,Thomson River,Купер – Creek continues to flow in a southwesterly direction, and after crossing the Queensland river runs through the territory of the State of South Australia,which flows into the Lake Eyre.

The river was first explored in the years 1845-1846 by Charles Stuart travelers and Thomas Mitchell. Stewart named the river after the first Chief Justice of South Australia, Čarlz Cooper.


The climate of the area, по которой протекает река, hot and unstable rainfall zasushlivyyrezhim, unstable rainfall patterns. At present it is, по которой протекает река, used forat which the river flows



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