Why western Australia is dead to tourism

17 October, 2021


Western Australia has always dreamed of secession. And if everything continues as in the last six months., this dream can come true.

Western Australia has always dreamed of secession. Unless this is contrary to the Commonwealth plan and the state remains closed after that., how he will reach 80 percent of vaccination, this dream can come true.

At the beginning 2021 year, in distant times, which I call a "pandemic pause", when the bans were disabled and most of the country was free to move, I was fortunate enough to visit all Australian states and territories as part of my work as a travel writer.. Each of the. But with the exception of Western Australia..

Western Australian Prime Minister Mark McGowan knows for sure, how to close the border. Photo: Paul Kane / Getty Images

The proud and daring Wild West of Australia, and staff, was tougher on its approach to Covid restrictions, than any other state in Australia. And, although it still borders New South Wales, but my planned trip to the Kimberley during my visit to the Northern Territory had to be cancelled..




And Washington State Premier Mark McGowan announced, that he intends to keep his staff in the same isolation., They won't reach the magic 80 percent of the fully vaccinated., That, according to other states and territories, will put an end to lockdowns and hard boundaries, according to the four-stage plan of the Commonwealth.

"It's better not to have Covid., than having Covid", – he told reporters., A what, obviously, faithfully, but it's also a magical fairytale land of dreams as a long-term strategy.. More 90 percent of scientists predict, that Covid in one form or another is not going anywhere.

Extension: Good bye, Western Australia, it was nice to know you, Part 2

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