Billionaire plans to open themed Jurassic Park on the Gold Coast

18 Январь, 2016


According to one of the artists, the proposed thematic Jurassic Park should be like this fit into the nature of Cairns

The President of the Northern Chamber of Commerce Gary Mays said, that the project will bring «amazing profits» around the city of Cairns.

«We should all do, for this to happen», сказал он.

«The project will create a bunch of full-time jobs, who are the priority and attract even more foreign tourists.

«If we refuse, We will lag behind».

Tourism Minister Kate Jones, who recently visited the theme park Wanda in China, said, that it would like to see how it will progressively evolve City project.

«We work with the local tourism industry and think about the growth of the number of visitors, that would come to rest on the Gold Coast,» She said.

«We want to, to make matters even more visitors passed through the gates of our theme parks, because we know, What is jobs for Queensland».



Among other things, the company's legendary Entertainment, as reported, attract order $ 700 million. investments to finance the establishment of a series of top of-the-line films.

This company, by the way, responsible for the production of such cash hits sales both Interstellar and Godzilla.
Vanda group has already invested heavily in Gold Coast, starting direct flights to Wuhan last year, as well as project financing Serfernyj Paradise / Jewel Surfers Paradise worth $ 970 million.

Wanda Group General Manager Xie Hun last year promulgated the bulletin plans to build a new theme park on the Gold Coast.

At the time, he said, What coast would be «perfect» spot.

«Wanda in Australia already has gained a great deal of film company in the country, and theme parks is one of those things, that Wanda wants to invest in the future», said Mr. Xie.

«So far Wanda's intention to establish a theme park on the Gold Coast, is still in negotiations with the State Government».

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