24 hours in Brisbane, the misunderstood city Australia

22 June, 2015


New Nest restaurant in Hotel Jen, Brisben.

Mass of great cafes, new hotels and a commitment to cutting-edge trends art-all this creates an inviting atmosphere for tourists, visiting this town.

So, you've decided to spend 24 hours in this often underrated city? It's certainly not much, but this time you'll have enough, to get to know the five main things, For which you should make a short visit to the capital of queensland.

1. Try new cafes

Thanks to healthy and healthy food, Brisbane's kitchen is now on the rise. Over the past few years, some famous names in the restaurant business from Sydney and Melbourne have opened their second restaurants in this city, the most popular of these are "Aria" and "Sake".



If you prefer something more relaxed, The new Restaurant and Nest Bar (Nest), which opened in January, offers relaxed Asian cuisine inside the newly renovated Jen Hotel. Café, Hops Scotch and Beans bar and coffee shop in Petrie Terrace offers hearty and delicious breakfast and lunch, which is supplemented by streams of whiskey and beer at night.

2. Order a tiki cocktail

When Alfred and Constance appeared on the stage a few years ago, they brought to life the city the traditional style of the Fortitude Valley, Квинсленда. Be sure to visit, located within one alfred building (notable decadent cocktails and soft ice cream) and Tiki Bar White Lightning (RǵR "SĎ S'R µ S. .., who wants to spend the night all night long with a classic or double tic cocktail).

Tiki cocktail. Source: Getty Images

Extension: Что посетить в Брисбене за 24 hours >>

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