Город в Австралии, который не существует

23 November, 2016


Views of Nurat.

Near the extinct volcano is a forgotten city Australia, that actually does not exist. But local residents want to put it back on the map.

Nurat / Noorat, located in the southwest of Victoria 210 km from Melbourne, lost its city status in 2012 year after, as the number of its inhabitants fell below 200.

According to the Census 2011 year, the city's population was only 167 person, soon after, he was stripped of his title and status of the city.

Abandoned shops stand along the empty streets, but Nurat has more heart, than most such communities.

They, who lives there fighting for the, to return Nurat back on the map and show people, that in this place worth living.

In Nurata, There is a café, pub, a post office and a lonely gas station, but locals say, that is quite enough for life.

Hotel Mount Nurat. Photo: Michael Leo

Michael Leo, who owns the pub hotel Mount Nurat, opened it about a year and a half ago with his partner, Richard.



«We have a real community, This is an interesting and creative place,» says Mr. Leo.

His pub is located at the bottom of an extinct volcano, location, which attracts tourists, loving hike to the rim of a volcano.

Promenade at Mount Nurat Photo: Michael Leo

Despite that, that today lives only in the city 190 person, Mr. Leo said, that he still meets with people, whom he had not seen here before.

«But if you do something, people are very quick to learn about it», he says.

Mr. Leo hopes, that more people will come here, to see the beauty of nature around Nurat and they manage to revive the zakolochennye stores, which developed in workshops and garages.

«I would like to see them filled with something, For example, a bakery or even vintage shop», сказал он.

Extension: Nurat was stripped of its town status, but he was struggling, to return to the map, ч2.

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