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18 November, 2016


Stunning views of the green forests and hills with highly positioned on the lookout Illavara Fly Treetop Wolf».

If you want to, enjoy a bird's-eye view of the area of the metropolitan regions, then there is only one way – and this rise above top.

In less than an hour drive from the coast, Road with spectacular views, lined through beautiful, Green Hills will take you into the dark and ancient rainforest, located high in the Southern Highlands.

The Illawarra Fly Treetop walking trail Walk is located at the very top of the Highlands. It is a route length of approximately 1500 m to forest, with his 500 meter part passes through hanging steel road, attached to the trunks of trees, at an altitude of 25 m above ground.

If you're not averse to climb even higher in the Tower, After about 100 steps by steps – This will give you the opportunity to enjoy even more spectacular.

Add a bit of adrenaline to your trip by riding on a car passing through the trees series of three rope stretch marks and a precarious bridge!

Guide will amaze you, Once heavily zaprotokolirovannymi some facts and figures about surviving representatives of local flora and fauna.

Official website of the route: illawarrafly.com

The best beach in Australia to surf for beginners

Killea Beach in perfect sunny day. Absolutely deserted, but full of tranquility.

If you have been putting off learning to surf, because the water is too cold, either you were concerned, the waves are too big, or maybe you thought, that you'll look foolishly, Now you won't have any excuses, If you find yourself on a Killea Beach, in half an hour-an hour south of Wollongong, near Shelharborom.



We had a family surfing lesson with instructor Josh Chaplom of Academy of surf Pines, which conducts classes in several locations in the area.

Surf instructor Josh (in the heart of) can teach people of all ages and skill levels.

Protected Bay, which can be reached only on foot along a dirt road through the Park, was beautiful, almost empty, and most importantly, It was slow, long, rolling ashore waves.

By the end of the hour, even people with a poor sense of balance and a lightly developed major muscles, must be able to stand up on the Board and enjoy the exciting moment.


Get up off the couch and shake hands with the cockatoo …

Julie says goodbye with friends on the balcony of your room.

Author Julie Cross stayed at Accor system – Новотель Воллонгонг Норс Бич (Novotel Wollongong North Beach), where the locals are really very friendly: accorhotels.com

Перевод: revision site: http://australia-tour.info/

Those, whom this whole story interested in practical terms the Organization of your trip, may for more information visit the official website of Wollongong: http://visitwollongong.com.au/.

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