Five reasons, Why do people want to visit Melbourne 2015 year

13 March, 2015


Главный торговый центр Мельбурна -  Эмпориум. Shopping till you drop in the main Emporium shopping centre (Emporium) Melbourne.

So, Here are the top five reasons, Why do Australians themselves want to visit Melbourne 2015 year. List of top 8 Australian cities, in which Melbourne is at the first place you can find in the first part of the article.

1. Shopping till you drop. More is coming into fashion: explore the bustling streets and arcades of the city, Immerse yourself in a sea of shopping in newest trading Mecca of the country – Emporium shopping mall (Emporium), or explore the boutiques in Fitzroy and Collingwood, or head south of town and walk along Chapel Street, filled with trendy shops.

"Капитан Бакстерс" в Санкт-Килд, Мельбурн. «Captain Baksters» in St. Kild – enjoy the magnificent sea view.

2. Bars on the roof: Melbourne – city, known for its rooftop bars, many of them are hidden in the top urban buildings. Some institutions enjoy very popular, including retro tennis has inspired "Madame Brussels" on Bourke Street, "Naked in the sky overlooking the ultra cool Brunswick Street in Fitzroy and with magnificent views of the coast," Captain Bakters "in St. Kilda.

Кабаре-балет Strictly Ballroom Currently in Melbourne gives an idea of the cabaret-Ballet Strictly Ballroom.

3. Art and culture: You will be inspired by the many art galleries, Melbourne, such as the Australian Centre for contemporary art, National Gallery of Victoria and myriad hidden galleries, located on streets throughout the city. Don't forget to peek at the theatre, not to miss the best in 2015 year show, including cabaret Music-Ballet, «The Lion King» (20 February – 10 May) or "dirty dancing" (Dirty Dancing) (also, from February to May).

Выбор аппетитных блюд в Чин-Чин. Selection of mouth-watering dishes at Chin Chin. Фото: Facebook.



4. Amazing food: urban hits are local specialties, that can be sampled at Chin Chin, Bomb, Tonka, Mamasita and supernatural. If long, relaxing lunch is your weakness, take a day trip to the Yarra Valley wine region, just an hour's drive northeast of Melbourne and enjoy the taste of local dishes and wines in a relaxed atmosphere of the vineyard.

Терраса-пентхаус на крыше в «Арт Серии» в Олсен. Terrace-Penthouse on the roof in art series the Olsen.

5. Wonderful hotels: After a fun-filled day, You can relax in any of the hotels in the city, such as for example the world's first the dessert-the hotel «Adelphi» or live in the glamorous Crown Metropol, Melbourne. Besides, If the internal urban sites in Melbourne is more, the art Series hotel you will find a wide selection of chic rooms, performed in the original style.

Check out the site best deals on Melbourne, accommodation prices start from $ 87 per night for travel in mid-February to mid- 2015 year.

Now you know, What is number one on the wish list of Australians?

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