Что вы знаете о городе Перт и Западной Австралии?

8 August, 2015


Перт - столица штата Западная Австралия.

Perth is the place tkuda were expelled stars «soap operas».

That you even know about Perth, where 2 million people and which is the birthplace of football Quokka (quokka soccer)?

Every city has its own characteristics, as well as its inhabitants have behaviour characterized by. In this article we will talk about 25 the main things, You should know about Perth.

Perth – the capital city of Western Australia, and place, where were sent to live (If they did not want to die) characters of famous Australian soap opera "Home and Away" (At home and on the road) and "Neighbours" (Neighbors).

For decades, Perth is seen as «a large provincial town», but currently, it is home to 2,02 Million. person, and according to data from the Australian Bureau of statistics, This is the fastest growing State in the country's capital.



While such an influx of new blood has helped the development of global capital in the Wild West, There are also a few unique things, that catch your eye in Petra. Here's, in my opinion (and a few of my mates), 25 the main features of Perth:

1) You, Of course, You know, whom are Rick Ardon and Susannah Carr. This duo together for three decades organizing broadcast news on the stunning 7 Perth's channel.

Rick Ardon and Susannah Carr. Pair acts as a leading News Channel 7 in the course of 30 Years. Photo: Tom Rovis-Hermann.

2) When someone mentions the word Sandgroper, You, Certainly, You know, What is it about (RǵR "SĎ S'R µ S. .., who does not know: Sandgroper / Sandgroper is a nickname for an inhabitant or native of Western Australia, as well as representative football team from Western Australia, and also is a type of burrowing insects, the type of Mole cricket, found only in Western Australia).

The author of the article: Emily Moulton (Translated: редакция сайта http://australia-tour.info/)

Extension: 25 основных вещей, которые следует знать о Перте и Западной Австралии, Part 2 >>

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