12 must-see places in Western Australia

30 June, 2015


Kalbarri National Park. Photo source: Parks and wildlife of Australia.

You need help in deciding, where to go in your next journey with a caravan or camping? Here are some ideas.


Coral coast

Kalbarri NATIONAL PARK – 150 kilometres north of Geraldton

Kalbarri National Park / Kalbarri surrounds the lower Murchison River, that cuts great 80 km Gorge through the red and white ribbons sandstone and creates such amazing natural formations, as "nature's Window.

In 2014 year to update the Kabarri National Park was spent $ 7,7 million, that basically went on reconstruction of infrastructure and access roads surrounding regions, the construction of which was completed entirely. The update included hardening 12 km Beltway Z-Bend Rd and construction of new facilities for visitors, within the main ring (The Loop), and West loops in Marchison Gorge, including canopies, places for rest, viewing platforms, walkways, information areas for visitors, as well as the protected parking lots and restrooms.

Shark's Bay, included in the World Heritage list 10 km east of Denham by



Within the area of Shark Bay, included in the World Heritage list, there are a number of major regions, including the Francois Peron National Park. Famous for its bright-red rocks, white sandy beaches and blue waters, the Park has an interesting history and offers for drivers of off-road 4 x 4 4WD experience exciting Safari in a completely wild nature.

On the territory of the National Park has a campground big lagoon, attracting turquoise waters marine lagoons with a small camping and so, What a great place for canoeing or kayaking. The campground is equipped with gas barbecues and toilets, and nearby is the place for boats. You can fish in the lagoon South of the campsite. Camping charge.

In addition, in the area of Shark Bay (SHARK BAY) Hamelin pool, one of the few places on the planet, where are stromatolites (the oldest living organisms, of the known on Earth), as well as Monkey Mia, and where visitors can just a few metres from each other to observe wild dolphins bottlenose dolphins.

Extension: National parks of MOUNT AUGUST and Karijini >>




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