Margaret River region tops list of top tourist destinations, Ч3

13 Сентябрь, 2019


Stunning beaches on margaret River.

In the course of the year, ending in December 2018 year, The entire south-western region of Australia has visited 3 371 100 человек, that's spent 1,61 billion. And only in Margaret River during the same period the number of visitors 1 690 800 человек, what turned out to be on the 8,9% More, than in the previous year.person

Come to the beaches, and try the local wine. Photo: Matt Dunbar / Getty Images.

Tourism Minister Paul Papalia said, that this award was "inspiring" for the region.

"It's very nice to hear, that Margaret River and South Washington declared Lonely Planet the best place in the Asia Pacific region on 2019 year", – said in a statement.

"This is a fantastic recognition of one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Washington, which holds a special place in the heart of all Western Australians.

"This place is famous for its spectacular coastline, stunning forests and world-class dishes and wine.

Southwest Washington State – it's more, than just a destination – It's a place for unforgettable experiences – and that's wonderful, that such a reputable travel organization, like Lonely Planet, agrees with these estimates.

The Margaret River region has everything: from coastal walks, to long-distance travel and wine regions.

In an interview with Western Australia, Augusta River Shire President Pamela Townshend said, that international recognition was "amazing".

"Beauty in its pristine form – that's why it's so unusual here.", – she said. "Many West Australians have a close relationship with this region, and we welcome visitors, Knowing, that those, who comes here for our natural environment, will appreciate this beautiful place and help us preserve it..

It was also the first time the Lonely Planet list had been expanded to, to include Australia, New zealand and the Pacific.



So, here's how the top 10 best places in the Asia-Pacific region were rated:

1. Margaret River and South Washington, Australia

2. Shikoku, Japan

3. Isles Bay and Northland, Новая Зеландия

4. Singapore

5. Cook Islands

6. Central Vietnam

7. Фиджи

8. Palawan, Филиппины

9. Beijing, China

10. Cambodia

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