Adventure travel: Leave all your worries at the beginning of the trails, compilation

14 October, 2018


Camping. Photo: Andrew Hitchcock Source: Flickr

Return your life to basic necessities – food, water, shelter – It's something more, than the usual life.

There's nothing like a walk in the fresh air.

You wake up with the Sunrise the Sun, step forward and forward to the mountains, through the Valley, across the Plains and along the rivers. You feel like the wind is riding your face, feel the weight of your belongings behind and burning sensation in legs.

You can make radial Sally to the Lakes, climb on rocks and enjoy the surrounding views, build an impromptu snowman, Fry the croutons on a fire and look at the stars.

At the end of the day you are so tired, that can't wait, When you can run your Primus, prepare your two-minute noodles, deploy your sleeping bag and climb into their tent.

You are disconnected from the Internet, located a few minutes ' walk from the nearest road. Your bones ache, you have, Probably, a blister or two, and in your hair dangling dreadlocks samoobrazujushhiesja.



Бывают моменты, When you hurt so much, you want to cry. There are cases, When you fall on your ass in a glacial river, and your friends laughing so hard, that they fall down with laughter. Бывают моменты, When you look at this incredible landscape, lose the gift of speech.There are moments

Return your life to basic necessities – food, water, shelter – means leave your worries at the trails. Your mind is free and ready to relax, wander and dream.

It is much more, than the usual life. This is a great novel.

International luxury travel network Virtuoso, claim, that hiking in the mountains (water activites) and hiking (trekking) are at the top of the wish list: for many people.

"More and more people of all ages are realizing the benefits of an active lifestyle», – said Andzh Wallace, Virtuoso Travel Advisor, United States.

"The infrastructure of many distant from civilization and beautiful unspoiled places in the world has grown, to support the pursuit of comfort after physical activity day.

Extension: Tourist trips: Leave all your worries at the beginning of the trails, Ч2

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