Unintelligent plan to rename South Australia: The pros and cons, ч2

28 Сентябрь, 2018


Bill Mjurhjed said, the staff should have the name of Adelaide , as the capital. Photo: Nick Stillvell.

For the sake of Justice, This view has the right to life. South Australia is the centralized State in Australia. Three quarters of the population live in the capital, compared, for example, with half the population of Queensland.

The second largest city in South Australia, Very Gambier / Mount Gambier, counts 28 000 man, that almost 50 times less, than 1,3 million, living in Adelaide.

But critics noted, that Adelaide – only a small part of the State by area, and much of the mineral wealth of South Australia is far outside the capital. Others say, that, given the State's most famous export – wine, South Australia may also be renamed the Barossa / The Barossa.

Question about renaming was not raised for the first time. In 2012 year, the Executive Director of the business group Business SA Peter Vaughan stated, the current logo is insufficient to create a statewide profile.

"Instead of, to deceive branding, We need to be bold and to rethink our brand, How about a new name for South Australia?», – сказал он.


The title was too vague for many people abroad, especially, because the two other statewide could also claim the title "yuzhniy".

"Now means to all from across the ocean, that we've assembled all South Australia. But generally speaking the initials SA means South Africa for most of the other people in the world ", – said Mr. Vaughan.

In 1999 year advertising guru John Singleton said, What is the name of the State "sounds boring and suggested renaming it at Bradman, on behalf of the person-legends of cricket.

Let's delve into history and recall, as it was:

Extension: As new South Wales got its name? Ч3

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