Аэропорт Сиднея, Sydney Airport

6 Декабрь, 2010


Аэропорт Сиднея (Sydney Airport),  International Airport named Kingsford Smith - Australia's largest commercial airport, Located in the suburbs Sydney Meskot.
Sydney Airport is one of the oldest continuously operating airport in the world and the busiest in Australia, served in 2008. Almost 32 million passengers and providing 290.346 takeoffs / landings of aircraft.



Sydney Airport is located next to Botany Bay, Airport has three runways, colloquially known as the "East-West" and two "North-South", and the smallest land area compared to other airports in major cities of the continent.

The airport has three terminals (one - and two international - domestic) and takes the aircraft 50 local and foreign airlines for more 200 external and internal areas.

Terminal 1

Terminal 1 maintenance of international flights to destinations in the north-western sector of the airport, Has 25 boarding bridges and a sufficient number of gates to the aircraft parking. The terminal is certified by Airbus A380 taking, and currently serves the A380 on routes to Singapore (авиакомпания Singapore Airlines), Los Angeles and London (Qantas Airways), Dubai and Auckland (Emirates).

Departure and arrival halls are located at different levels of the Terminal. Zone B includes the administration of the gate (Gates) rooms with 8 to 37, With the departure area has gates with numbers 50 by 63. Arrival Hall baggage carousel operates twelve and is located on the first floor of Terminal.

Terminal 1 was commissioned (and since then has greatly expanded and renovated) in the early 1970s, and the functionality replaced the old passenger terminal, on-site which is now a new terminal building 3.

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 to serve domestic flights in the north-eastern sector of the airport, Has 12 boarding bridges and a number of remote aircraft parking. In Terminal, mainly serviced by Virgin Blue Airlines, Regional Express, Jetstar, Aeropelican Air Services и некоторые рейсы Qantaslink.

Service Terminal 2 is partially separated: on the ground floor operations are performed on the arrival and departure of passengers, and on the first floor are the areas of registration of tickets and baggage claim.

Terminal 3

Terminal 3 for internal transport is also located in the northeast sector of the airport and is designed to serve low cost airline Qantas and is partially Qantaslink. The terminal contains 14 Teletraps, including two double-apron. All areas between the apron designed to receive the Boeing 747, but most of the current terminal serves Airbus A330 aircraft.

Terminal 3 Hall is the largest luxury passenger-privileged members of the Qantas Club Program, and a large number of shops and cafes. In earlier times, terminal serviced flights Trans Australia Airlines, Australian Airlines flights and then and only then moved to the processing of Qantas flight.

At the airport to the east of the Terminal 2 a fourth passenger terminal building, which has no boarding bridges and previously served a low-cost airlines' flights. Currently Terminal 4 taken out of service.

Airport Cargo Terminal is located north of the Passenger Terminal 1.

Official site of Sydney Airport, Sydney Airport: www.sydneyairport.com.au




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