An unforgettable time in Kerch.

1 Октябрь, 2013


Let's say you are a tourist service. Engaged in this occupation still in distant student years, When you are with your brother got into property Zaporozhets Grandpa. For extreme 15 years managed to iskolesit almost the whole area of the former USSR, You have visited and in the far East and also to the North, and even in the South. Kerch, as hard as a traveller and motorist, You can love for a unique placement — you can spend your vacation at 4 carved-seas.

Yet another addiction, which, by the way, It is quite possible to share with your wife is a fishing. So here is the same, resting in Kerch, You can catch fish in all reservoirs! When this fish because different everywhere, and in any body of water have their own, Special, tricks.

Previously, collegiately, If you liked to settle in tents, However, at the moment, When you rest your babes, naturally better shoot housing in Kerch. There are many cheap, However, pretty convenient boarding houses and private hotels. By the way, go to Kerch, in the judgment of many people, the company is better and more fun, and yes even "economy" transport easier. At any time, you can leave someone to watch for children, and roll on a fishing trip or excursion.



In the village, only one beach for kids , but, Notwithstanding the foregoing terms of city a lot smaller "Pocket beaches». Feral beaches is a special conversation. Here is revealed the real "lost world", which can be done for the children the true adventure. There are almost no people, soft sand, warm is not very deep sea, abundance of all living creatures, something like shrimp and shrimp — all conditions for good rest from the city.

By the way, Babes, spoiled culture and computer games, with tremendous pleasure help you catch all living creatures and prepare it at the stake. In particular we suggest such a "light" families, whose children are allocated priveredlivostju in food, and bad appetite. Experience indicates, that kids with tremendous pleasure rides all, that is manufactured in "pleasure".

Another indisputable plus entertainment in Kerch is considered a lack of cold currents, distinctive for the Crimea. Kerch Strait there cut Cape Hroni, which spreads the warm and shallow sea of Azov. This Kingdom mind-blowing natural coves, many of which are not affected by civilization. If you go even further, the popazhete at large the kazantipsky Gulf Coast, the same, which in the summer time is converted to a single youth Republic-Kazantip. Hotel Dana- This is the best that can offer you a holiday of Kerch.





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