The ancient ruined city, Part 3

2 October, 2013


Чатал-Гуюк, Turkey


It is believed, that was one of the first global urban settlements, thousands of people were home at Çatalhöyük, built in 7400 – 6200 BC. And they made their home a very different principle, than our.

Inside The Catal.

The uniqueness of the design is, the city was built, as cells, with walls, common to different houses, and the doors were carved into the roof so, that people had to climb to the top of buildings, to get inside. Moreover, the dead in those days were buried in the floor of your House.
It is not yet clear, What happened to the residents of this ancient city.




Pompei, Italy

Pompeii ruins.

One of the most famous ancient monuments, Pompeii is a city frozen in time. It is believed, that it was founded in 6 or 7 century BC, and was almost destroyed, After the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 year. According to various estimates, more 1000 people were killed on the spot, and the town was buried and forgotten. That is, until it was re-built 1800 years later.

Street Pompeyah.

This is a fascinating place to visit, perfectly preserved much of the ancient culture of the early centuries. There are many historical details are alien to us, such as the strange art and graffiti, decorative statues penis and strange living conditions. The resort town also has a public bath, brothel, amphitheater and a hotel. About 2,5 million people visit each year Pompeii.


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