Holidays in Bulgaria.

26 Ноябрь, 2013


Monastery in Bansko, Bulgaria.

A lot has changed in Bulgaria since the USSR. Everything old and uncomfortable in the past left, but the best was a real asset for the country. The good side of changed Bulgarian hotels, they became European comfort and offer service at a decent level. But despite all the modernity of hotels and shops, prices are quite acceptable for any traveler.

Bulgarian cafes offer a huge selection of dishes of various cuisines of the world, for youth organized parties and discos. And the main pride of the country were and are groomed sandy beaches of the Black Sea, every year millions of people meeting travelers. Therefore, the predicted popularity in Bulgaria would skyrocket up.

First of all, in Bulgaria it is worth a trip for travellers-beginners. At least for the, so had the own opinion about this wonderful corner, because of its amazing landscape so leads in admiration, that you don't want to go from there.



But Bulgaria can boast not only natural, but also cultural heritage. Here a great number of monuments, museums, monasteries and fortresses, and fascinating excursions will help tourists a deeper dive into the history of the country.

Also here are popular not only summer resorts, but ski resorts. And get the pleasure of winter recreation in Europe will cost several times more expensive. So in winter it offers nothing less, and in the summer.

Another advantage of a holiday in Bulgaria is the price for housing. Not necessarily shoot room at, When the locals rent apartments, House and Villa for less money.

Bulgaria offers tourists a decent rest, comparable with the European. When this, taking advantage of all modern amenities, any feel, that is far from the bustle of the city.

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