Top 10 worst sights in Europe

30 Сентябрь, 2013


8. Manneken Pis in Brussels

Have you ever seen the famous fountain – little boy peeing in the water? Well, This is the, that in the Centre of Brussels is hidden behind a corner, in a side street near the Grand place (one of the most beautiful medieval squares in Europe).
The boy is surrounded by tourist groups, tourist traps and stalls with food, more than I've ever seen, and attracts large crowds all day. Sometimes a boy dressed in baby clothes at night, that really adds a little humor to the attractions, but in fact it's quite hilarious fountain. Fun isn't uncommon for visitors, Although many remain frustrated or even slightly … «evil» …

9. Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

«I swear, If anyone asks me, do I want to buy *** carpets I for myself do not vouch!» – an anonymous English tourist, 2013.
Shopping in Istanbul, Of course, quite an interesting experience in itself. The Grand Bazaar is perhaps the worst place for trade in the whole city … and even though the owners of stores, each of them insists, He will give you «Special price» or «for you, My friend, only the best price ".
You can buy exactly the same products outside the bazaar for about half the price, you get inside of it and at the same time over your head would be a good roof on a hot day, but not scorching sun. Shops and stalls in the surrounding areas of the city offer a much better atmosphere and more attractive shopping Turkish.

10. The Spanish Steps in Rome



Generally it was only once in my life, When I became interested in climbing stairs, to get to the top. This is not such an exciting experience, rise over the set of steps. Last ladder, which I thoroughly enjoyed, была та, that Led Zeppelin was invented in 1971 Year.

The Spanish Steps, as it turned out, This is the best way to slide down the slope, when you're on top. It turned out ridiculously slippery, when it is wet, so be very careful, if the rain comes, as a drop down with 135 steps would be somewhat unpleasant and ironically also, Probably, this may be the most memorable part of the entire Spanish Steps.

Author: Peter Shaw – traveler, blogger, photographer.

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