The man went missing on a cruise ship, headed to Darwin

8 Октябрь, 2013


On a cruise ship, bound for Darwin 73-year-old man went missing.

According to the report, the Australian news agency News NT News, in a statement ocean cruise liner «Солнечная Принцесса / Sun Princess» Confirmed, that the crew is trying to find a person on board the vessel, which is currently moving from the Kimberley Coast in Western Australia to Port Darwin.

On the disappearance of an elderly passenger, which is considered to be missing on «Sun Princess» said his wife 9 am on Australian Western time this morning (+ 8 ч. по Гринвичу или + 4 ч. Moscow).

«Public address announcements were made via on-board loudspeakers, but there was no answer.», said in a statement «NT News».

«Currently, the procedure for finding a missing person and Sun Princess turned back, to track the progress of the vessel».



The ship was sailing from Fremantle to Darwin and in a moment, when the alarm was raised, was in 40 nautical miles north of Cape Londonderry.

On a cruise ship, which can hold up to 2432 Pass, walked the ninth day of the 16-day cruise from Fremantle to Sydney.

Australian Maritime Safety Administration (AMSA) coordinating search, that includes «Sunny Princess», Two more ships and three aircraft.
Airplanes «Dornier» (AMSA), 8 aircraft «Custom Dash» and the police are also involved in the search for, together with a merchant vessel, and the Royal Australian Navy battlecruiser «Maryborough».

A spokesman said the AMSA, that the search will continue until dark, and then a decision is made about the potential viability of people in the water for a long period of time.

«Sun Princess» had to moor in Darwin on Wednesday.

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