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16 Май, 2014


The Aitutaki Lagoon Resort and Spa / Lagoon Resort and Spa has a lovely restaurant for, to enjoy a meal of seafood and Curry. Фото: David May.

Fluffy dark clouds surged in height, in the West, moderate swell was on the coral reef, somewhere in the far East was invisible Tahiti and far, in the middle of obscurity, the Sun rose over the pink Ocean.

Плакат с пойманной рыбой Бонфиш / Bonefish я видел в аэропорту на Аитутаки, одном из удаленных островов Кука, в цепочке 15 scattered over hundreds of kilometres to the South Pacific Islands.

Aitutaki is a popular object for weddings and Honeymoons, это второй самый посещаемый остров страны после Раротонга и находится в 45 минутах полета от последнего.

Three volcanic islands and a dozen small uninhabited Sandy islets (motu) are the accessible part of the reef, covering the beautiful lagoon, все они составляют один из самых красивых и романтичных атоллов в Тихом океане.



But the four fishermen, go to the poludnevnuju expedition aboard Foxy Lady was not exactly Bonfish, living in lagoons, their task was to catch big Wahoo (barbed bonito), albacore tuna, Grouper and Mahi Mahi (Dorado), that inhabit the open sea.

Foxy Lady is the 10 metre frahtovochnym boat owned by Jason Vattu and his father, Don, that control all fishing Charter (leasing of vessels for hire) the island of Aitutaki. They catch fish in these waters for more than 26 years old.

While Captain Jason ran outboards, Don has built four fishing rods and released them overboard.

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