Story – Great shaking and a large water

24 April, 2013


Avstraliyskaya skazka – Great Trask and large water:

In the Dalekie time, when not More People Zili plemenami, Great planes approached Trask and large water.
Zadul samy strong veter of vsex vetrov, poshel smoke, dust and loose with mountains. Tak was quite a few days and nights and still quite a few days and nights.

And then all vdrug zatixlo, was no wind, but the air is gone. It was very hard to breathe, and many people died.

Suddenly a strong wind blew again and thunder, the earth shook, and rolled over land the big waves of water.

Survived only those people, which climbed high on the cliffs high.



Gone is the great water, and jumped on the ground fish, these fish are never-before-seen.

People descended from the high cliffs and were surprised.

There, where previously there were mountains, Plain steel, and the place of the old valleys rose mountains.

Sun also began to do the opposite: before it has come and gone from the North to the South, and after the great shaking and big water was coming from the east and go west.

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