Sydney City Museum and St Mary's Cathedral

16 February, 2020


Sydney's famous city museum, located at the base of Governor Philip's tower, opened in 1995 year.

Sydney's history opens in exhibitions at the site of the first Government House. It was an ordinary apartment building and office residence for the first nine governors of New South Wales with 1788 by 1846 year.

The layout of this museum allows you to combine the modern building with the older part of it. A new gallery dedicated to culture, History, and the position of Sydney's first-class people.

The museum's storerooms store a huge number of everyday items.

In the square outside the museum's complex, the sculpture "Edge of the Trees" symbolizes the first contact between Aboriginal and Europeans. The names of those people are carved on the tree., who came here with the First Flotilla, as well as the names of species of numerous plants in the language of the same Aboriginal and Latin.

An interesting pattern is paved outside the museum, repeating the contours of that place, where the first Government House was located. The segment of the museum's walls is being reconstructed using that sandstone, from which the Government's house was built.

Exhibition on the 2nd floor of the museum, dedicated to the Colony, Focuses on Sydney's critical 40s 19 Ages: the delivery of convicts here by then had stopped, There was an official self-government in the city, and then it was time for a great economic depression.

Sydney is pictured on the 3rd floor with a panorama of images 20 Ages. The amazing exhibits of the exhibition are located on the 2nd level of the City Museum of Sydney.




St Mary's Cathedral

Despite, that Catholics arrived in Australia with the First Flotilla, church services here at first were banned, because there was a fear, that local priests can provoke discontent among the Irish Catholics living in the colony.

Only in 1820 the first Catholic priests were formally appointed and long-awaited church services allowed.

In 1821 Governor Macquarie laid the first stone in the foundation of the church on the first land, gifted church in Australia.

The first section of the cathedral was opened in 1882 году, and have fully completed the construction of the facility only in 1928 году.year

Sculptures of Australia's important first cardinal Moran and Archbishop Kelly are installed at the entrance to the cathedral, who led the final phase of construction in 1913 year.

In the underground chapel of St. Mary's Cathedral there is a beautiful mosaic floor.

The author of these sculptural images – Bertrand McKennal, whose creation is also a monument to those who died during the passage of the First World War. At the end of the mosaic floor in the underground chapel it was necessary 15 years.





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