7 причин, for which are actually worth to visit in Canberra, Part 2

4 January, 2016



Fun fact: Canberra is a city, built according to plan. This means, Unlike stretched Sydney or Melbourne, that way the imagination a new person there caught, and constantly required to cut down a tree, to build some apartment house, nature of Canberra has always been part of the plan.

Looking at any place in the city, You seem to see the plan, drawn on a sheet of paper. May be, so on every corner here you will find the icon, depicting a kangaroo – they are literally everywhere. You will see the icon courtyards, with speed limiters on the highway, and even ATMs.

If you are a lover of lakes and hikes, the Lake Burley Griffin is especially nice in the morning. You have the possibility to rent a boat, bike or kayak on the Lake.


Canberra Flower Festival is held in the Park of the Commonwealth. Entrance is free. Each year, the Festival is dedicated to a specific topic, and flowers are displayed in accordance with this same theme. In particular 28 edition of the Festival was to tell the truth just Festival of colors, But residents said, that there will be Braided men.

I'm not even kidding. I once tried to fit into a bunch of skaters and tatuirovannyh somehow dissed them, that we almost had, don't fight: «This man hates tulips!»



Anyway, in Canberra, this flower is perceived very seriously.

There is also a night Festival of flowers, I was not … so, possibly, It was there that, they offered sacrifices for their worship.

City food and wine

On the part of the food and wine Canberra recently is the present capital of the world. I am, admittedly not sure, that those, who is responsible for the award of this kind will have Palm ranks such places, like Paris or Rome, so I may, will have something to tell you about this. But more likely they just bought your domain name before.

Несмотря на это, Canberra boasts an impressive array of interesting places, where you can eat well and drink all the ego beer, . This fact is largely due to the high levels of disposable income of the local population – the average salary in Canberra a lot more, than in other parts of the country, so, that everything is just eating and drinking, waiting for, When the Festival of flowers will start again.

The region also provides a great variety and a huge selection of wines, foreigners, known, make such a remark, «where can I try the difference between red and white».

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