Best Australian tours version Trip Adviser in the category "choice of travelers»: Whitsunday headed the list

24 Июнь, 2019


Forget about the Sydney Opera House, Uluru or the great barrier reef. Here are the top 10 places, that rave travelers and they are far from, What do you expect.

TripAdvisor has published its list of the best impressions from travellers in Australia.

Here are the best 10:

1. Whitsunday Jet-Ski Tour-Airlie Beach, Квинсленд

In the category of "Choice" travellers in 2019 year, TripAdvisor has put this tour skiing at the top of the list.

Explore Whitsunday Island jet ski in this adventure tour. Explore the coves and white sand beaches and learn about this place, the UNESCO World Heritage list, from your guide.




Эйрли Бич

This tour at Airlie Beach is very popular.

This tour is suitable for all skill levels from beginner to experienced, and has four different difficulty. Tours are limited to 20 participants to obtain their best experiences in a small group.

2. Best bike tour of Melbourne – Melbourne, Victoria

Melbourne – one of the most favourable for cyclists city in Australia with more than 135 km of cycling and off-road trails.

Bike tour Best of Melbourne took second place.

In this review cycle tours you will enjoy a scenic route around the atmospheric areas of the city, through its beautiful parks and coastal areas, as well as along the meandering Yarra River – with plenty of possibilities for photography and additional dining stopover on the way.

Extension: Best tours Australia: Whale watching in Hervey Bay, Segway tour of Perth, Atertonskie waterfalls, Ч2





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