What to do on the Northern Rivers of New South Wales: The Magnificent Valley of the Clarence River, Ч2

15 Март, 2021


The charming town of Grafton. Photo: Tourism Australia

Visitors can choose their own itinerary for adventures on the Northern Rivers, where there are so many places to explore and entertain.

This region is home to charming towns and villages, such as the dreamy Nimbin, Byron Yamba's underrated rival, as well as the historic center of Grafton, known for its classic cottages, village pubs and wonderful farmers markets.

On the Grafton Heritage Trail Tour / Heritage Trail will showcase the city's stunning Edwardian and Victorian architecture, and if you visit this region at the end of the Australian spring, around the end of October at the beginning of November, you will be rewarded with more than 2000 species of bright purple flowering jacarand – evergreen trees of the bigony family.



Grafton is a great starting point for exploring other attractions in the region, such as nearby rivers, gorges and ancient rainforests of Nimboida National Park.

Yamba Ocean Pool. Photo: Tourism Australia

Along the Clarence River you can enjoy many outdoor activities, Including sailing, boating and jet skiing, and you can even hire a houseboat, to see the surroundings at a convenient pace for you.

Highlights include a canoe route and kayaking along the Clarence River, which has a length of more than 195 km of the river and is the longest, mapped by Australia's stormy water route.

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