The most frequently visited hotels Australia, Part 2

31 October, 2014


Отель Q Station, , штат Новый Южный Уэльс, Австралия.

Former quarantine post at Manly, now known as the Hotel Station. Photo: Sharon Fowler.

Hotel «Cg Station / Q Station», Sydney Harbour National Park, New South Wales

Located on the site of a former quarantine station, the Station is located in the former. The station operated with 1833 along 1984 year and, as they say, it was one of the most visited places in Australia. It has been used to isolate people, who have been exposed to such diseases, like a bubonic plague, Spanish flu, Smallpox, Typhoid, Scarlet fever and yellow fever. There killed more than 500 people and rumors, many of their spirits never left this place.

As noted on the website of the hotel ( «Some of the most common fairy tales, You may hear during the tour on this station include a story about a ghost girl with blond braids, which sometimes holds tourists by the hand and shows the way. Some visitors have seen, as she hides behind bushes or even yanked them by the sleeves of her jacket. Some tell stories, that she talked to them or, what they saw during the tour group with the kids, although actually, they later found out, that there were no children during their tour».

For those wishing to gain maximum impressions, Hotel "Ku station» offers a special" Halloween Ghost tour "Friday night.



Australian hotel «Bunah / Boonah», Stat Queensland


This quaint hotel boasts good old traditions of hospitality and rumors, that he is haunted by the ghost of a 23-year-old woman, but don't worry, She is «friendly». Staff and locals are only happy to share their stories about meeting her.

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