Лучшие отели Южной Австралии

15 Июль, 2017


Hotel Luisa, Barossa Valley.

Forget about Sydney and Melbourne. South Australia – Here is your desired destination, striking international travelers.

Two Hotels South Australia were named among 100 the best in the world in a new list of the world's major tourist sites, Travel and Leisure (Leisure and recreation) / Travel + Leisure.

South Ocean Lodge  /South Ocean Lodge Kangaroo Island (No. 47) and Louise Hotel / The Louise Barossa Valley (№ 53) were found to be among the most prestigious hotels on the planet Travel lists + Leisure .

And yet one of the most recent victory for South Australia, is the fact, She was named one of the 10 the most popular regions of Lonely Planets / Lonely Planet to visit in 2017 year.

Well, and finally, Adelaide (capital of the State of South Australia) This year was named No. 1 in the world, a rising star on the site Trip.com.

Luxury hotel South Ocean Lodge / South Ocean Lodge Kangaroo Island.



Under the terms of the contest organized by the magazine "leisure and entertainment", Hotels, included in the list, not just meet all the preconditions for a five star properties, such as – a great place, impeccable service and well-equipped rooms, but should "bring something special».

This is not the first time, When luxury accommodations in South Pacific Lodge   was stuck in the top 100. In 2012 Hotel list in third place, and "leisure and entertainment" extolling it as "the modern design and very user friendly».

"We're just thrilled with the announcement, that "Southern Ocean lodge was once again recognized as worthy to enter   in the list of the most prestigious hotels in the world", – said its owners about the latest award.

Meanwhile,, location of hotel Louisa, surrounded by Lavender fields and wineries, as well as his restaurant Appelejshn, have become major turning points for judges.

Hotel described as "sited stone house in the Barossa Valley in South Australia, where guests can choose according to their own preferences, fresh produce from the local farmers ' market or even arrange a breakfast picnic with the family of kangaroos ".

Extension: Лучшие отели Южной Австралии: Южный Океан Лодж и Луиза, ч2




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