Из Брума в Кунунурра за 14 дней – Гиббс Ривер роуд (альтернативный маршрут), Part 3

27 October, 2015


Водопады на реке Принц Регент.  Фото: Туризм по Западной Австралии.

Gibbs-River Road is one of the classic automobile routes in the outback of Australia – This is 660 km, available only from April to November.

ДЕНЬ 1 - From Broome to Derby

Derby is on an ancient sand dune, and is a popular stop with tourists, heading into the largest gorge in the Northwest of the country. Ten kilometres from Derby on Gibb River Road, visit the Movanjum Aboriginal community and their amazing art center, built in the form of The Spirit of Wangjin.

ДЕНЬ 2 – derby – Vinjana Gorge National Park

After leaving Derby, first city towards the Kimberley, you can spend the night camping in the Vinjan Gorge, in a stunning national park of the same name. Be sure to take the time to do so, to go on a tour, and explore the spectacular Tunnel Creek.

ДЕНЬ 3 – Vinjan Gorge National Park - Hart Hill Wilderness Lodge

Follow the road leading further into the Kimberley, but on your way to Mount Hart Wilderness Lodge be sure to stop at The Lennard Gorge for a swim and sleepover. Located in king Leopold's Reserve, you will learn about the unique history of this place and enjoy accommodation in the manor or in the tent camp on the river bank.




ДЕНЬ 4 – Mount Hart Wilderness Lodge - GORSEL Bell

Spend the night in one of the campsites, run by the Ministry of Conservation of Nature on the edge of Bell Creek. Enjoy a day of swimming and exploring one of the most spectacular waterfalls on Gibb River Road.

Days 5 and 6 – Bell Gorge - Mornington Wild Camping

Spend some time exploring Dimond and Sir John's Valley in the upper reaches of the Fitzroy River in the Mornington Wild Camping area. You can live in cabins or in a tent camp. Get up early and go for a walk with one of The Wildlife Service of Australia, And possibly, you will be able to see a rare breed of birds Guldov Amadem, australia only.
Птицы Гульдова Амадина.

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