Fishing in the Caribbean will be remembered for a lifetime!

16 Сентябрь, 2013


July – season whale sharks and thousands of fans of snorkelers flock to the Caribbean region, to swim with the obedient fish-monsters, While they hunt for fish spawn and plankton, just a few miles from the shores of this island paradise. Any day, in the course of 60 days, You can meet dozens of whale sharks, and if you're in the right place, the density of sharks here reaches more than five hundred per square mile of ocean.

Just at this time the team of Guy Harvey, dealing with documentary footage of the films on the study of marine life in the Gulf of Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula rented a yacht with Captain Anthony Mendillo. They were underwater shots of whale sharks.

If you go to the Caribbean, in the area of the Gulf of Mexico, Here you are guaranteed not only a great vacation at the sea, but a magnificent diving with remarkable underwater photography, as well as the unique saltwater fishing.

In this expedition, competed the daughter of Guy Harvey, Jessica, that just graduated with honors from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, majoring in zoology.



On the last day of the expedition was planned sea fishing.
Captain Anthony Mendillo delivered command in the Cape area, «Chachalaca», where there have been several known good places, with large variations in the depths of, which often caught a large swordfish.
According to Guy Harvey:
"We just wanted to, catch one fish on rod and reel ".

They have spread as Squid baits, dropped the rod and released on a scaffold about 1500 feet, the captain then began to drive the ship to places where alleged extraction from 1 before 4 nodes.

Jessica was lucky and it pecked Rod big fish. Then began the grueling hours-long work on vyvazhivaniju swordfish. Duel turned out to be long-only three hours, vybivshujusja of the fish managed to drag the boat. Six men made it difficult, Since swordfish was 14 feet in length and about 600 pounds weight.

The last such major sword-fish, which female angler fished, was 772 pound fish, caught by Ms. Lou Marron in 1954 in Chile. In addition, the records of the island, it, veroâtno, was a record swordfish on the Caribbean coast of Mexico, caught on rod and reel usual.

Congratulations to Jessica, Guy Hardy and team captain Anthony Mendillosa with a successful fishing, which really remember them for a lifetime!




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