Venezuela is struggling to attract tourists, Despite its natural beauty

8 May, 2014


Historical monuments in Venezuela also has.

«Our goal is to reach one million foreign tourists» Starting with 2014 year, Venezuela's Minister of tourism, said Andres Izarra.

However, if the infrastructure is lacking, attractions, Of course, Nobody needs. Orinoco Delta biodiversity for the richness of the Amazon jungle, from the peaks of the Andes to the hundreds of kilometres of idyllic beaches, Venezuela, It would seem, has all, What is needed for the development of tourism.

Dizzying heights: Angel falls, Venezuela.

Angel Falls is the highest waterfall in the world, pristine coral reefs in the archipelago of Los Roques attract divers and divers, while others seek to explore «tepuis» – high mountains in the South-East.



The successes of the neighboring countries give some hope: According to statistics of the UNWTO, Colombia welcomed 2,1 млн. visitors last year, 4,5 million people arrived at the znamenmillione resorts of the Dominican Republic, and collected 5,6 млн. visitors. Cuba, in turn, opened its doors to 2,6 млн. tourists.Million

White sand, blue water, but no one here: deserted beaches await guests of Venezuela.

A few months ago, Ministry of tourism Venezuela launched a loud campaign, to attract tourists. New air routes have been opened, airports were renovated and the Government has resumed contacts with the participants in the industry.

Izarra also said, that two tropical islands, previously closed to the public – La Tortuga and La Orchila – soon-to-be-opened.

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