Why Australians don't go to Cuba? Because, что американцы выпили на Кубе все пиво, Part 2

30 Апрель, 2016


Crystal - one of the most popular beers in Cuba. Photo: Konrad Lembcke. Source: Flickr

According to the Guardian, the number of foreign visitors to Cuba rose from 2014 along 2015 year to 17 Percent, and was about 3,5 millions of foreign tourists.

Of this total, Americans were about 161 000 man or 77 per cent compared with the previous year and, expected, This number still grows in the course of the current year.

The number of American tourists start to grow, After that, as their first one hundred made a landing with a cruise ship out of Miami to Havana, that was the first in the history of the trip-of-a-kind, Since Fidel Castro came to power after the revolution 1959 year.

Private bars thrive in the wake of heightened interest to travel to Cuba. Photo: Ap Photo / Desmond Boylan.


Cuba real estate market heats up


United States President Barack Obama lifted restrictions on travel and trade with Communist Cuba and normalized existed more than half a century tensions, established since the cold war.

The Americans previously allowed to do educational visit, but tourism has been banned and travel in most cases overturned by the authorities.



Obama personally went on a visit to Cuba in March, thus becoming the first American President, to set foot on the island over the past 88 Years.

Tourists flocked to old Havana after, as the United States lifted restrictions on travel to Cuba for their nationals in March. Photo: Joe Raedle / Getty Images.

And historic decision marks the beginning of a tourist boom and for the hospitality sector of Cuba, that however became a flourishing already and earlier, Since the reforms of President Raul Castro has implemented five years ago allowed for small-scale economic activities to operate without interference from the Communist State.

Republican Senator from Arizona Jeff Flake, who joined Obama on a visit in March, said that the lifting of the travel ban was «recognition, the Cuban people, and in particular, a growing number of Cubans, who run their own small businesses, benefit, on, the Americans will be traveling to the island».

«The increase in American tourists will further increase the number of Cuban entrepreneurs, which are less dependent on the Cuban Government,» сказал он.

«It's a great thing.»

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