Archaeologists have discovered "gate of Pluto», ancient gate to hell, in Turkey

30 Ноябрь, 2013


Pluto's Gate: excavations in the ancient city of Ierapolis, Turkey. Photo: Francesco D'Andrea.

Previously, we have already described a very interesting attraction in Turkey – Cappadocia, which is even among the top 10 best attractions in Europe according to Candice Sutton, well-known journalist, Photographer, traveler and blogger (his list of the world's worst bloated landmarks we've also published in a series of articles: «12 major tourist myths, you can skip»).

place, described in this article, was in the ancient world a kind of tourist hit.

Archaeologists discover ancient «gates to hell» turkey and found, that they're still killing.

A group of Italian archaeologists announced, that they found legendary «Pluto's gateway», Portal, filled with bad-smelling harmful fumes, That, lead to the rapid death of any person or beast, who gets into their arms.

Temple Complex in Ierapol, now known more as the volcanic city of Pamukkale, mentioned in many ancient legends and historical texts.



«This space is full of steam, so dense and foggy so, that you can hardly see the ground. Any animal, which goes inside dies of instant death», wrote the Greek historian Strabo in 24 century AD.

«I threw sparrows at them., and they immediately inhaled their last time fell dead».

Archaeologists have discovered the ruins of a round temple near the entrance to the cave, surrounded by Ionic columns, on which the inscriptions dedicated to the gods of the underworld were found – Pluto and Korea.




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