Топ-10 потрясающих мест в Европе: Cappadocia

9 November, 2013


Continue to publish description 10 best attractions in Europe according to Peter Shaw (the celebrated blogger, Traveler and photographer from Australia). In first place in its list is:

1. Cappadocia, Turkey

Strange Tower-dwelling in Cappadocia. Фото: Alex Berger

Hoodoo, Fairy Chimneys, Earth pyramids-it all, as it known as looks awesome. These as though grew from the Earth Tower are equally common in Cappadocia, as sellers of carpets in Grand Bazaar, and that makes them even more interesting, This is what the, that is a large part of them, carved in stone in the form of dwellings, that look so, If they would have been more appropriate for a science fiction film, such, as Avatar, чем для Центральной Турции.

Try to imagine, one of the most interesting and desert places on Earth with stunning historic, past full of risky adventures and unforgettable sunsets-all this you will find in Cappadocia.

Lying on the ancient Silk Road region has been inhabited since the latter part of the bronze age and the remains of different civilizations, that once existed on this territory, now scattered across the region. Trip to Cappadocia with its underground churches and houses-towers, living as if real life , where once hosted the robbers, as well as the ability to fly here on the balloon will make this journey, Perhaps one of the most memorable of your life.



Advice from Peter Shaw: hire a quad bike, or all-wheel drive Jeep and off-road journey to study the stone pillars around Göreme. When the road gets too steep, leave the vehicles and continue to walk in order, to see the many truly breathtaking views. I would recommend to buy and bring a bottle (great!) locally produced wines and during your walk necessarily wait and see spectacular sunset of Cappadocia.

Other points of interest: «Top 10 Europe», According to the version of Peter Shaw:

Заксенхаузен, Berlin

Cathedral Of The Holy Family, Spain

Орвието, Italy

To be continued…




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