Автопутешествие по Франции

16 Февраль, 2015


Travel by car in France is very comfortable. Take a car for hire - operation is simple, enough to have a right and credit card, on which, over the money paid for the time of the rental of money (примерно 400 euro for two weeks), will delay some amount of the insurance deposit. Armed with a map and a pack of guidebooks, можно, nothing for fear, set off.

In France, According to the observations of many, the most convenient road signs, and along the roads there are enough specialized cafes - the so-called car grills. And these institutions, despite its roadside status, level of a very high level, and the tired driver will be able to find everything there, what it takes to recuper..

Wheel around the country, you can stay in almost any hotel without fear, no matter how many stars glitter on its facade. Most motorists, Usually, formed by the impression, that there are no bad hotels in France at all - even small rooms in provincial hotels are clean and cozy.



Another pleasant tradition of hotel service in France - a real continental breakfast: coffee with milk, different pastries, for example, brioche buns and croissants with cream, sweet jam or chocolate filling, fresh juice.

Travelling through the French provinces, can from the individual small features of the local cuisine, winemaking and cheesemaking, like a puzzle, to form an idea of the country and the national mentality. Champagne, Burgundy, Bordeaux - French wine capitals. Visiting these blessed places, you can lay personal foundations of good wine taste. With cheeses about the same story: greater diversity, than in France, you can only meet in Switzerland.

In any city on your way for sure there will be, It's possible, not too famous, but original and curious sights. Experience, received in this way, When you get home, it doesn't get weathered by working weekdays.





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