Где отдохнуть в Крыму летом?

11 Июнь, 2014


Новый Свет, Крым.

Bay village of Novy Svet in Crimea.

How wonderful the anticipation of summer season. The long-awaited vacation came. The sun beckons to the sea. Where to go on holiday? Mainly, many tourists choose to rest in Crimea. Crimea, really, is one of the best places for a vacation. The sun, beach, improvement, best impressions, excellent quality services – It's all southern coast of Crimea. You can recommend a variety of places in the Crimea for vacation: Feodosiya, Yalta, Walleye, Evpatoria and so on.

Talk about Yalta. This city is the most prestigious place to relax. On the coast lined up hotel complexes. You can rent there housing at absolutely reasonable prices. Note the Intourist, hotel complex, Oreadna Prime and "rest". You can book yourself a place in sanatoriums in Yalta. They are also near the sea. There you, Apart from the rest, get recreational therapy.

Are you ready to spend the holidays in the Crimea from Gurzuf to Foros? This area is called the area of the big Yalta. Waiting for you to choose from many hotels, private rest houses and sanatoria. You can visit the city of, as Simeiz, Livadia, Alupka and Alushta, Sevastopol.



The Black Sea coast is studded with soft golden sand. Vacations by the sea – the dream of every inhabitant of the country. Man labors all year, waiting for the long-awaited vacation in summer season. In Crimea is comfortable and quite not expensive rest family. For children there is plenty in the peninsula hills, amusement parks. You can easily reach any city of Crimea.

This summer in the Crimea from many cities in Russia were organized routes at heavily discounted rates. Really, likely, buy such flights most likely you won't be able to, as they were snapped up almost instantly. And accessible by train as before through the territory of Ukraine due to the civil war in that neighboring state too will fail. So you can try to catch a train to Krasnodar, and from there travel to Crimea on buses or taxi via ferry. Or go the same route on its auto. In an extreme case, If a queue on the ferry would be prohibitive, You can always use the waste options on Russian Azov or the Black Sea coast.

We recommend you to have a rest in Crimea, soak up the hot Crimean Sun, inhale black sea air, try natural Crimean wine.

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