Cloudberry – favorite berry Finns

11 June, 2014


Финляндия - край озер.

Finnish Lakeland, Here grows cloudberry. Photos: Mark Reed / Lonely Planet.

Every summer, Sami Lapinniemi sits in the car and goes toward the wild swamps of Finnish Lapland.

He takes a large bucket and goes for a couple of kilometers, taking care, to guarantee, the lack of a "tail", until it reaches one particular swamps – or jankka, as they are referred to as, that his family visited for many years. Only then he starts the search.

«My task is to, so no one uvjazalsja me on the trail», explains Lapinniemi.

«The jankka is a family secret and transmitted from generation to generation, and I don't want to, to someone else, found out, where it is. So I deliberately leave your car somewhere else, even if it means, What do I have to spend too much time on the road on foot».

He works as a gamekeeper in one of the most popular national parks in Finland, Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, where the hills rising gently-undulating, a dense pine forest, rising above the marshes. He spends his days in the winter for cross-country skiing and helped Shepherd deer. And when beyond the Arctic Circle, Finally, summer is coming, he secretly goes in search cloudberries in the most productive marshes outside the northern part of the Park.

Фото: морошка.

Berry cloudberry.



Virtually unknown outside of Northern Europe, in Lapland, cloudberries, Usually, highly esteemed Berry, She is equally coveted delicacy, like truffles. These tiny, Orange-Golden bubbles, growing on the stem one by one, begin to appear in July and remain ripe just three weeks.

Cloudberry season, So, is the signal for the Finns to leave everyday cares and urgently sent to berry picking, as if their life depended on it. Collection, the sale and consumption of cloudberry, usually in the form of purées or jams, or in the form of fresh halloumi tiles, is a kind of summer obsession, the same as and cheese lejpajuusto.

Annual search cloudberries is a manifestation of the love of the Finns to their land. Finland has no such geographic splendor, like its cousins Norway and Iceland, but the endless forests and Lakes, create amazing, repeating the hypnotic mirror effect, generate a passion so tangible, that it is difficult to resist.

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