Tour in Karijini National Park, Part 2

3 Октябрь, 2013


Trees grow in the most barren places. Photo: Марк Ирвинг

Pete told us, that we were on the site of an ancient sea floor, and some of the rocks around us was 2 ½ billion years. Each layer of sedimentary rock formations in Asia minor apparently has 100 000-years of history.


«It is a fateful country treasure», said Pete. «I love it all, What we have here is. In such challenging times, Karindzhi will provide answers to many questions, We are looking for».

West Oz active tours and adventures campaign offers one-day tours of Karinji, which include a descent through the gorge and «rafting on the tube» (rafting down the canyon through the massive rock formations), as well as hikes of varying difficulty. Participants should be in good physical shape and be able to swim well.

I was in a three-day tour called "Big Weekend in Kardzhini", from Friday to Monday, which are held once a month, to give city slickers get a taste of the Pilbara desert.



Pete readily accepts, it is not an easy, and not cheap for most Australians to go this route in Karindzhi.

From Perth, it is in 90 minute flight to Paraburdoo (or Newman), and then a two hour drive (including the bumpy road to the open jeep).

Participants travel package withdrawn from Paraburdoo airport and sent to the two-day adventure, here includes accommodation, Guides, equipment, units and Odin uzhin in camps Eco Retreat at territorii Park. Flights are not included.

Camp Eco Retreat of "West Oz Active Adventure Tours and", approved by the federal government of Australia and has a rating of T-QUAL, which is only exceptionally high quality tour operators, so that visitors get all the guarantees of a high standard.



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