Karijini National Park in the Pilbara region, Western Australia

3 Октябрь, 2013


Swimming in the pool Fern. Photo: Марк Ирвинг

«Some efforts, you may require, to see the best of what, that is in the Karijini National Park / Karijini in the Pilbara region in Western Avstralii, but it is worth it», writes Mark Irving.

«From the beauty of the Karijini cannot so easily opt out», said Pete West, the owner of the company West of Oz "student organization of active tourism in these places.

My heart pounding, and my chest heaving after I scrambled up the steep side of the Gorge Valley Gorg / Dales Gorge.

Pete West conducted our group down, and then up the Valley one of the eight magnificent gorges in the Kardzhini National Park in the Pilbara in the North-West of Western Australia.

As we rested, We recall with pride now.

Here Tashi achieve: we gave our knees and calves a good workout, swimming in a pond filled with fish and admire the striking views of waterfalls and breathtaking rock formations. We also felt a sharp change in vegetation and climate.

It was the middle of June and the wildflowers are starting to appear after, as the wet rain held.



When we went down in the gorge, we were accompanied by a dense «living wall "of paper bark, ferns and fig trees, the roots of which somehow managed to break through the rock into the groundwater.

Karijini is located on more than 6000 km2, and is the second-largest national park in Western Australia, an area more than twice the area of ​​Luxembourg.

All this is included in the Hamersley region, which stretches 400 km Western Australia and provides some of the richest deposits of iron ore and magnetite, which are clearly visible among the rocks.

Mining towns surround the park, including its north is Uittenun / Wittenoom – infamous for its production of asbestos.


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