12 not facing the main tourist attractions, Part 3

24 October, 2013


Prehistoric monument Stonehenge, in central southern England. Photo: AFP/ANDREW COWIE.

Stonehenge, England
Perhaps older, than the pyramids, Stonehenge suffers from the same problem: You can't really go into it and photographers to exaggerate the appearance of these stones for decades.
The stones are quite high (about seven meters), but the preservation of this UNESCO World Heritage site means, what you have in a stampede among other tourists.
Theory of the origin of Stonehenge range from hypothesis, that they were ancient astronomical device, to the place of burial or divine worship for Druids.
Located between two major roads in England, Stonehenge is clearly visible, so it's not necessarily even go from your car, saving time and entry fee.
If you really want to see Stonehenge up close, you could try to survive to become a participant of the annual summer solstice, When about 20 000 neo-Druids get drunk and fuss around the stones, that actually allowed to touch.


It's just a Lake without a monster: Loch Ness.

Loch Ness, Scotland

Loch Ness is Lake. But there's no Monster. Really, Legend has it, that sea monster lives there, and sometimes appears on the surface for photo shoots.
For people in the age of smartphones, This is undoubtedly, called the bluff of Nessie.
There are long, narrow Lake near Inverness, that is really worth to go?
I don't think so, these faceless, without any use of Lake, give you a little more opportunities to spend their money, than the green teddies Nessie.
Your children will receive a crushing disappointment.

Author: Кэндис Саттон / Candice Sutton



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