The coming race in Sölden

23 October, 2013


The first ski race of the season will be held in Soelden this weekend. All attention will be riveted on the racers, to see their status in this Olympic year.
The best racers in the world are now at the resort for training and preparation for competitions – Bode Miller, Ted Ligeti and Tina Maze.
Lindsey Vonn is also in Schelden., who returned from knee surgery, but no decision on, that she would speak, not done.
She and her coaching team are preparing for this every day..
«Another positive day of training … step by step I'm getting closer to Sochi!» she said after one of her workouts.
Other, famous athletes also spend their time on the slopes, including German, Maria Hofl-Risch.

Lindsey Vonn and Tina Maze have won their last two women's races in Schelden, while Ted Ligeti – it's a man, who won the last here 2 men's year.



The race will be held in perhaps the best conditions in recent times after heavy snowfall, held earlier this month.
It will be held on the glacier from Rettenbach, the starting gate is located at a height of more than 3000 m.
There was virtually no snow at the beginning of last season and that race was cancelled., there are no such problems this year.

The slopes have been inspected by the International Ski Federation, FIS, who knew them ready for racing.
«Here, in Schelden now as in the middle of winter. A favorable environment is developing. We couldn't hope for better terms.. It was more of a coffee drinking session., than snow inspection!» said Isidore Grüner, FIS representative. "Nothing can go wrong now. Even two days with absolutely no snow would not be a problem.»

In the village in anticipation of the race are thousands of. They will be here to watch this weekend is one of the most anticipated launches of the World Cup in recent years.

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