Adelaide is recognized as one of the best cities in the world for tourism

29 October, 2013


Adelaide - "city of churches".

This time the winner is Sydney or Melbourne.

Instead of these cities in Australia, Adelaide, was mentioned in the list of famous tourist publications-Guide «Одинокая планета / Lonely Planet» among the best cities in the world to visit in 2014 year. Pick up the tour in Australia will help you site «Dive Planets».

Adelaide has appeared on the list of cities like Paris and Shanghai. It attracts around 332 000 visitors per year, and was recognized as one of the best cities thanks to her secret beaches, art and wine.

«Located always in the shadow of their East Coast cousins,» as written in the review of Lonely Planet: «This one «City of Churches » slowly weakens their pious shackles and, beckons you to its liberal foundations ".

«AT 2014 year you will notice big changes in the city centre, Thanks to the completion of a multi-million dollar reconstruction oval-Adelaide, that would link Central Adelaide with an oval and its beautiful surrounding parks and historic North Adelaide in the future».

«Adelaide, like a bottle of fine red wine from the cellar, She is willing to be with easy chic otkuporena and tested».



Minister of tourism, South Australia, Leon Bignell, Said, that Adelaide has undergone huge transformations in recent years, that makes it a more appealing place».

In the past year in the Lonely Planet list proved Hobart, who got there thanks to his "natural beauty, art and gourmet catering kitchen».

Your opinion: should there be Adelaide at the top of the list for travel? Tell us below.

10 best cities are:

1. Paris, France
2. Trinidad, Cuba
3. Cape Town, South Africa
4. Riga, Latvia
5. Zurich, Switzerland
6. Shanghai, China
7. Vancouver, Canada
8. Chicago, USA
9. Adelaide, Australia
10. Окленд, Новая Зеландия

Thus, The Australian city is recognized as one of the best in the world 2014 year.




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